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Scripture Passage: Mark 10:35-45

Main Point: God’s People Want To Know Where They Stand

Summary: Our lives are categorized by the relationships we hold. Within those relationships we often want to know where we stand. The people of God have historically been the same way. Dated back to the early disciples we see James and John arguing about sitting next to Jesus in eternity. Today, we want still don’t quite understand where we stand in relationship with Jesus. We get that he invites us to relationship but what does it look like? Where do we stand? We discuss those things in this weeks talk.

Conversation Questions:

1.What are some relationships that exist in our lives?
2.Where do we stand in those relationships?
3.How does that affect how we act in that relationship?
4.Who does God say we are? What are some titles He gives His people?
5.Do we act like those roles?
6.What do you expect to hear from God this weekend about your relationship with him?

Family Application:

1. Talk about relationships in your life? Do those mirror our relationships with God?

2. Talk about ways you can make your relationships at home look more like the relationships God calls us to with Him.

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