A Church That Knows God

…is a church that prays.

This Sunday morning and last Wednesday night, your students embarked on a new series called Real Talk. This is a simple two week series that is based on the spiritual discipline of prayer. We’re passionate about our prayer lives at 602 Ministry and so we spend a lot of time encouraging our students to be praying on their own, in groups, and in public.

Maybe you’re like majority of people in that you don’t entirely understand prayer. You get that it’s talking to God and you see the pastor or leaders of the church do it frequently. It always feels laced with fancy words and things that you don’t understand and so as a whole you generally stay away from it or you want to vomit if you’re asked to do so in a group of three or more OUT LOUD.

This is an issue. Because prayer wasn’t just meant for the religious leaders, it was meant for ALL followers of Jesus. Prayer is the way that we get to know God better. It helps us learn about ourselves, our heart, our priorities and is a good reflection of what we believe about God and who He is.

So why do I think the church is scared of prayer? Why do we get anxiety? Why have we created a distant God in our prayer lives?! Even though he invites us into messy grace filled relationship!!

We’ve made it formal. Like a princess at a ball, there is expectation that we feel we can’t live up to. I get it. I’m a minister and when I step on stage to pray, there is an expectation that I am going to deliver a product of sorts and this is wrong. We’re talking to a holy God that looked at us in our mess and said, “Them. I want them.” We’ve filled it with pressure and we’ve forgotten that prayer, when Jesus did it, was about relationship.

On a surface level we get that relationships are about learning about each other, communicating, fighting, resolving, requesting, apologizing and forgiving. So why should our prayer lives be any different? Why can’t they be as personal, informal, regular and random as the rest of our relationships?

These are things we covered with your students and we challenge them and you this week, individually and as a family, to take your prayer life to the next level!

Read Matthew 6:5-13 and you’ll see all of these things so present.

Make your prayer life:


Leave each other texts and notes. Keep a prayer journal. Take all the fancy words out of your prayer. Fight with God if you’re mad. Ask for forgiveness regularly, and accept his grace just as regularly.

Prayer is something we need to get right because it is a reflection of our relationship with God. Is our prayer life non-existent? Then I don’t think it’s a stretch to say our relationship with God might be just as non-existent. Return to the throne of God in prayer and rest in his grace and redeeming relationship.

Let’s be a church that KNOWS GOD BETTER.

With grace,

Your Youth Minister and Friend

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