All Access Session One


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Scripture Passage: Hebrews 10:19-22

Main Point: Salvation Gives Us Full Access To God

Summary: When we love something or someone we want full access. We follow celebrities on social media, we buy backstage passes, and we want to deeply know our spouses. In an internet age, access is a commodity that everyone wants. In this new series we talk about as a believer, what kind of access do we have to the God who created everything. The moment we got saved, God did more than forgive us of our sins, but through the death and resurrection of Jesus, invited us to himself and gave us full access to Him. In this first session we talked about salvation in Jesus gives us all the access we could ever need to God, but also that living Godly lets us enjoy that access.

Conversation Questions:

1.What do you think life is like when God is close?
2.Is God always close?
3.When does He feel farthest away?
4.When does He feel closest?
5.What can you do to draw near to God this week?
6.What can I do as your parent, to help you draw near to God?

Family Application:

1. Write your student a note, or send a text this week, reminding them that they have all access to you anytime they need it to talk about anything. Giving them a place and a person in this world to have access too will help them better understand what it means to have access to God.
2. Share with your student how you regularly draw near to God in your own life.

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