All Access Session Three


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Scripture Passage: Hebrews 13:20-21

Main Point: God Is Working His Will Out In Us

Summary: In this last session of our All Access series, we look into the will of God. As believers, we often believe that God is calling us to something or that God has a master plan that we are a part of or that he will reveal to us at special moments in life. And it is true that God has a plan and calls His people to something incredible. However, instead of giant revelations, we discuss how Hebrews shows us the will of God is something is working out in His people every day through following Jesus.

Conversation Questions:

1.Do you think God has a plan for you?
2.What does that plan look like?
3.What plan do you think God has for all Christians?
4.Are you taking part in that plan?
5.Are there still things you don’t know about God?
6.How can you learn more about Him so you can understand His will more?

Family Application:

1. Do you have a family plan? This week make one that communicates what you want for your family and how you can better fall in line with that. Make it line up with the things God is calling your family too.
2. Share with your student how you were obedient when God called you to something specific.

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