Anger Take The Wheel

A lot less catchy than Carrie Underwood’s hit, but a lot more realistic.

We are in our second series in Battlefield and this week we talked about how NOT to fight in the relationship. Last week we talked about pursuing peace and this week we said, “If you are pursuing peace…you should stop letting anger drive.”

Why would we not let anger drive? Simply because it’s a bad driver. It is a bad decision maker. When we are angry we make decisions we wouldn’t normally make and we end up leaving a wake of destruction in the relationships we touch.

For your students we talked about how getting angry isn’t just yelling or fighting. That’s only one reaction of four. When we’re angry we often get:

(Neglective isn’t a word either but at least it sounds partly correct.)

Either way, these four ways are relationship suicide. Whether it’s friends, family, significant others, step parents, in laws, or any other relationship with another person, if you are in a conflict those are 4 types of anger you don’t want to exhibit in the fight.

We looked at Proverbs 29:11 which says, and I’m paraphrasing, that fools (AKA people who are in the habit of making bad life decisions) let their anger control them, but wise people (those who have knowledge and apply it to life circumstance) can control themselves.

Next week we’re going to talk about self-control, but this week have the conversation with your student about their anger and their reaction to conflict. Are their reactions out of anger or out of control?

The BIG TRUTH here is that we serve a God that is so concerned about us and our lives and our relationships that he gives us direction on how to participate in relationships with others that we might glorify him and not cause pain to ourselves and others.

That’s a God worth following. Follow him today straight into the Battlefield of your relationships and don’t be a fool.

With grace,

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