Be watered..Be refreshed.

This Sunday your students met for small groups and we started our fourth week of a five week series titled, “For The Win.”

Throughout this series, we’ve been in the book of Proverbs and discussed five different verses that are verses of wisdom for our students in how they can conduct their lives in a way that will set them up for the win. As people we want to win at everything we do, including life, and this week we talked about the idea of, “Generosity getting us where selfishness won’t.”

Do you remember a time you got the best gift you’ve ever been given? Maybe you have a few memories of that. Maybe each year the flare of last years gift died out and it was time for that new thing you wanted oh so badly. We’re people that fill our lives with stuff that often end up in Goodwills, garage sales, or attics. If we’re being honest with ourselves, a lot of the time we want something it’s because we are trying to fill that desire of want. But want never goes away. It keeps coming back and it never returns on it’s promises. In fact it only comes to destroy though it’s promises are much different.

Want often creates people who end up empty and ungrateful. Either we keep seeking to fill something that can’t be filled by material things and we come up empty, or we never create a pattern of thankfulness because we believe that we are entitled to everything we get. We wanted it, we got it, so what’s to be thankful for?

Proverbs teaches us something different.  Proverbs 11:25 says, “A generous man will prosper; he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed.” Remember a time you gave someone an awesome gift that you looked forever for and you saw how much they loved it? Maybe how much they used it or wore it or cherished it after the fact and you couldn’t escape that feeling inside that just seemed to stay? Oh how refreshing! This joy can’t be created by material things Proverbs teaches us. Not only this, it is an image of Christ because what a good gift he gave us by sacrificing of himself and going to the cross to die! He couldn’t give more and so how much more should we give?

Not only does generosity refresh us, but it often opens the door to share the Gospel with others. Generosity is an image of the Gospel, and opens doors for a vocal Gospel and relationships.

So in your homes, how are you showing generosity?

Some ways to give as a family:

Adopt a World Vision Child (Or from other organizations)

Give to your local feed bank (Wal Mart makes this even easier as you can buy brown bags that are send there by Wal Mart)

Go on a summer or spring break mission project as a family!

Give to our World Vision child, Kristine.

These are just a few ways to show generosity. To make them true in your family. To share and show Jesus as a family. And to be refreshed.

With grace,

Your youth minister and friend

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