Camp Ba Yo Ca

File Mar 10, 10 44 59 AM

Our Spring Break Mission Team arrived home yesterday afternoon and we had an incredible time in Tennessee. For most of our students, this was their first ever mission trip!

After leaving early Friday morning, we arrived at Camp Ba Yo Ca late that night (or early the next morning depending on how you view it) and got a few hours of sleep before waking up the next morning and getting to work. Throughout the week we would end up painting their new bath house for campers that would also double as a central hangout, paint one of their cabins on site, and do some serious landscaping.

Each summer Camp Ba Yo Ca sees 2000 campers and up to 100 salvations. Our team was able to relieve the staff of worrying about some of the upkeep of the camp so they could focus on things that only they could do.

As always, the goal on any mission trip, is to do such a good job that you’re invited back. The staff at Camp Ba Yo Ca loved our team and we were able to build relationships that could be the beginning of a great partnership in ministry with a camp that is reaching kids in the Appalachian region every summer.

Outside of working our teenagers got to do some hiking and see a part of the country that many of them have never seen before. A lot of our students got to build new relationships with one another and grow closer as a group. It is amazing the relationships that are built when you come together with a common goal for even just a few days (especially when you’re trapped in a car with each other).

We look forward to future trips and to continue what God has already started through hard work and great relationships. We thank you for your prayers through a difficult time of travel and encourage you to ask students who went about what they experienced and their excitement about what the Lord is going to do through their hard work.

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