Chest Pains

“The pastor tells me I’ve been saved I’m fine, then please explain to me why my chest still hurts.”

This is a lyric from an artist I enjoy listening to who is asking some deep questions that many of us have in the midst of our faith journey. When we come to salvation we  are told (and in truth) that there is now no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus. However, we still feel this feeling of guilt when we sin, or are living in sin, and so why is there still guilt in the midst of this new freedom in Christ?

Activate is a series that focuses on how two elements, when combined, can make something great. Remember Chemistry class when you could make ordinary household objects  come together and create explosions? Our faith walk is not so different.

Guilt isn’t such a bad thing. When we experience guilt in our journey, it points to when we have sinned. Letting this linger and control our lives and speak lies to us about how God sees us is from Satan and dangerous to our faith. However, letting guilt turn our gaze back toward Jesus and letting his grace rule in our lives as he forgives us and we walk back into the light…that guilt has a great place in our lives. We call that guilt, conviction. Conviction always brings us back into deeper relationship with Jesus so we might greater understand his grace in our lives and in the lives of others. Conviction keeps us walking with Jesus when we step away. Conviction doesn’t let us go.

Guilt can sometimes have the opposite affect. It can make us believe that God doesn’t love us and that we shouldn’t be in the church. That guilt is from the devil. But being able to admit your sin, name your sin, and own your sin reminds us all that Jesus  paid for that sin and is inviting you to greater things. That pain in your chest has the power to invite you back into the grace of Jesus as he forgives your sin. That pain in your chest is a great tool and gift given to us by Jesus through the Holy Spirit that keeps us walking with Jesus when we fall away.

This week ask God to search you of your guilt so you can step back into His grace. When your guilt meets grace you can see a reaction greater than any science experiment. You can find new and greater faith and understanding in the grace of Christ.

With grace through Jesus,


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