Closer in 2016


It’s 2016 and we’re starting a new series called, “Close.”

Honestly, there’s not a more appropriate way to start the year. Often times in our walk with Christ we have spiritual highs and lows. In the highs we tell tales of how good our God is and how great life is but in the lows we find ourselves questioning where is that same God? Why has the relationship fallen apart and how can we be close again?

We’re going to spend three weeks in this series and we started it off with what could feel too basic of a point but there is massive weight in it that, “God desires us.” Yes, the God who created the universe desires us. He desires to be close, he desires relationship, he genuinely wants us.

All too often we fear this closeness. Being close in relationships in our lives has ended to too much fall out or let down and we are afraid of the heights or depths that Jesus might call us too so to be close fears us. We love the closeness when things are going great but when things get hard we begin to fear the closeness of the relationship with Him.

However, it is in this truth that we can set ourselves up for a successful 2016. It is in this truth we find ourselves in Psalm 81 seeing a God that rescued Israel and has their best at heart. A God that desires relationship. It is in this truth that we can draw close to God because He isn’t changing, He isn’t leaving, He desires us.

In that truth we are faced with the choice of who or what will we draw close to. Will it be sports, grades, or anything in the rest of this fading world or will it be God?

There isn’t a more important question to answer in 2016. Let’s answer it together loudly as families, church members, and followers of Christ.

With grace,


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