Closer Means Farther



Ya. That sums it up. To be closer to God, we must be walking further from sin.

We did a little study in the beginning of Romans Chapter 2 this week, and we see a group of people ignoring their own sin and calling out the sin in other people, in what we can only assume is an effort to make themselves feel more holy.

However, we talked about how ignoring our own sin will only keep us from communing with God.

When we put our faith in Jesus and his death and resurrection, we are saved by his grace and mercy. However, after that we spend the rest of our lives turning from sin and walking into his love.

Not that we are trying to earn his love (It is freely given and never changes), but rather we want to ENJOY his love. To LIVE in his love.

At the end of Romans 2 we see the people being called out for abusing the kindness and tolerance of Jesus to live sinful lives. We are left with the resounding question, “WHAT IS HIS KINDNESS FOR?!”

As the Church we must loudly and vocally proclaim that Jesus is indeed kind and his grace and mercy and love are free and accessible. But it is those things that give us the taste of something good that we should want more of. That we would leave the old behind and run head strong into the new.

Will we still sin? Probably. Will we still struggle? Absolutely. But each time we must call sin what it is and run back into the arms of our savior leaving it behind.

What a good God he is to accept us back freely and let us rest in his love. This day, this week, this year, let’s run back into the light and walk closely with God.

What sin do you need to walk away from? Are you allowing others in your life to call out sin? Some important questions to answer if we truly want to walk closely with Jesus every day, rather than just in the exciting weekends like 180.

With grace,

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