Created to love Him

This Wednesday and Sunday morning we started a new series titled, Wired. After wrapping up a quick two week series on prayer, it’s a great lead in to a three week series on how God created us or “wired” us.

This week your students learned about how they were created to love God. It was a very simple, “Why were you created? To love God,” scenario but we don’t believe in just leaving our students with simple church answer cliche’s so we took them a little bit deeper and we discovered that sometimes it’s hard to love someone that we feel like is never there.

Maybe you feel that way sometimes. Maybe you struggle in your relationship with God because you feel like He’s incredibly distant. Sometimes we have to be honest with ourselves and admit that’s true so we can take steps forward to making that relationship better and stronger.

What we found out from scripture is that God created two areas of our lives. He created nature, or what we simply called creation, and also people. We get this from the very beginning in Genesis Chapter 1, specifically verses 1 and then 27.

Much like when we see music or a movie we think of actors, or musicians, or any people who took part in creating that thing. Like wise, we should see God when we look at His creation. The oceans, the mountains, trees, the sky, the list goes on and they all contain his fingerprint and tell us a little bit about Him.

As for people, we sometimes act in the thought process that Christian’s were made in the image of God but the others weren’t. They’re the “bad” kids we don’t want our kids to hang out with. The issue is, if someone would have never seen God in us, there’s a good chance we could have been that “bad” kid to someone else. We’re all sinners compared to a Holy God. So we talked to our students about seeing the God in people and not just the good in people. Good people still spend an eternity apart from God. Also, when we see God in people, the more we learn about who God is, because we were all created in His image, and the more likely we are to see souls that need to be reconciled to Him.

Once we found out how to see God in every day life, we went to Deuteronomy 6 to find that we are to love Him with all of our heart, soul and strength. We didn’t go much into detail past that. We should look at the things our heart loves, our soul desires, and that takes most of our energy. Those are the things we are loving with all of our heart, soul and strength. Then we take those things and see if they point us toward God or if we can use them for God’s glory. That’s a great start for our teenagers.

Because the quicker we understand how to see God, and then love the God that we see, the more motivated we are to pursue relationship with that God. The more excited we get to open up the Word of God or to worship or to be a part of the church because the God we see every day is worth all of those things and more.

So simply God is everywhere, he is inescapable, and it is in our hands to decide what exactly what we’re going to do with that.

Are you gonna pursue God today? Are you going to love Him today? Are you going to choose to see Him in all creation, all people, even the messy ones?

Because He’s there.

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