Crew Session One


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Scripture Passage: Proverbs 13:20

Main Point: Walk With The Wise

Summary: We all have friends. Our friends change through time but they play a key role in our lives, in that the people we let closest to us we give influence to our lives. On Wednesday night we looked to Proverbs for wisdom in our friendships, and what we found was that wise people walk with wise people. This simply means that if we want to have wisdom, and walk with Jesus well, we need to have people around us doing the same thing.

Conversation Questions:

1.Who are your closest friends?
2.How would you define their character?
3.Do you expect to get good advice from them?
4.What makes them a good friend?
5.Do you believe they have wisdom?
6.What makes them wise or foolish?

Family Application:

1. Make a regular strategy for meeting your kids friends and having them in your home so you can get to know them, and their families.
2. Offer to drive your teenager’s friends to church regularly. Wisdom comes from Jesus and the church is where they learn about Jesus together.

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