Crew Session Three


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Scripture Passage: Romans 12:17-19

Main Point: Handle Conflict Wisely

We have been teaching our students to surround themselves with wise people and to learn to listen to wisdom but this week we needed a circumstance that often requires us to apply wisdom. In friendships, that circumstance presence itself in conflict. As a whole, people rarely handle conflict with wisdom. Often we seek revenge when we are wrong or to destroy the person’s character. However, Paul gives us a different approach to conflict in any relationship, one that leaves us living at peace with everyone.

Conversation Questions:

1.What is a regular conflict in your friend group?
2.What is your normal response to conflict?
3.What is a friendship that ended because there was a conflict?
4.How could you have handled that conflict better?
5.What does it mean to live at peace with everyone?
6.What steps can you take to pursue peace this week?

Family Application:

1. This week invite your student’s friend over for dinner they are at odds with. Give them a chance to serve that other person despite there being conflict in the relationship.
2. Create a plan of action to serve someone that the friendship with your teenager has ended. Even if the relationship is over, peace can still exist.

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