Crew Session Two


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Scripture Passage: Proverbs 12:15

Main Point: Listen To The Wise

In our first week we talked about surrounding ourselves with wise people. This week we discussed listening to the wisdom that comes from those people, specifically older people. Our students need adults who love Jesus around them to help them navigate life and become Christian adults. Proverbs tells us that wise people listen to advice and love discipline. Often that comes from relationships with adults. This week, help your student form friendships with other adults who love Jesus and love your student.

Conversation Questions:

1.What adults do you look up to?
2.What about them do you want to be like?
3.Do you find yourself listening to advice from that adult?
4.How can you spend more time with adults?
5.How can I help you develop a mentor relationship?
6.What are some things I can help you with and give you some advice?

Family Application:

1. Schedule a day for your student to spend with someone they look up to where they can ask them any questions they want. It should be a chance for your teenager to look into a possible future for their life.
2.Ask other adults to attend your teenagers games and major life events, giving them a chance to be a part of your teenagers life and earning the right to speak into their lives as a friend.

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