Culture Says Me.

We just finished up our second week of Out Of This World and as we’ve been teaching, I think it’s important to know what the world is teaching or implying as we talk about not being created for the world.

Honesty time: I lack humility. My dad has been telling me my whole life how much I can achieve, or how much I’m capable of, and often it leaves me with a since of pride that is dangerous. When things seemingly go right my thoughts often swing to the side of, “Well duh of course they did because HELLO I AM TALENTED.” On the opposite side of the spectrum I’m incredibly self deprecating. Most days I can convince myself I’m not good at much. “Why aren’t things happening in our ministry the way they are in other places?” The comparison game is very very dangerous.

So for me there is no healthy middle of humility. I am either superior or vastly inferior.

Often times as an adult we are vulnerable and then our teenagers use it against us as a way to not change because, “Do you remember how messed up you were?!” My hope is that’s not how that translates. As a free pass to lack humility…but rather as a giant caution sign swinging in your face.

When we lack humility it is dangerous to our lives, the lives of others, and Kingdom Work. Because humility means putting others first.

And this extends past mission trips, sunday school teaching, serving in vbs, or the regular scheduled times that the church has decided to be the church. This extends into our parenting, our marriages, our friendships, our dating relationships, and our relationships with those who don’t know Jesus yet.

We opened up Philippians 2:1-11 at 602 and Small Groups, and in short we see Paul calling the Philippians to be humble as Jesus was humble. We talked about how we believe this was two part. It was humility toward each other and humility toward those outside the church.

This is important because often we have one or the other…or neither.

Humility shows a unified church that loves each other.

When we are humble toward other believers and put, “others interests before our own,” we show an understanding that we are part of a bigger picture and bigger family that is deeply interested in others over ourselves.

Secondly, humility invites someone to Jesus in a way that aggression won’t.

It is a sad time in 2015 that I feel like we are often more concerned with Bible Beating over our Facebook pages than we are with being the hands and feet of Christ. The church should drop their defenses and be more concerned with the sanctification process of each other. When we are humble toward those outside the church who have yet to see an image of Jesus worth following (the real image of Jesus), they will want to be a part of this family. No one is robbing Christianity of their faith, we have yet to be persecuted in this country, and when we are I have complete faith in a Church that will outlast that persecution…I think Paul would agree.

So…how is your family Out Of This World?

And above all remember, humility means putting others first.

How are we gonna do it?

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