Deal With It Session Three


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Scripture Passage: 2 Corinthians 1:3-7

Main Point: There is Comfort in Community

Summary: As we close out this series, we closed with how the people around us take part in our struggling and tough times. Often we try to get away from our problems by being alone, but God has designed it that His people would find comfort in Him and others who love Him. God has designed it that we would find comfort in our communities of believers. Who is your community and how are you finding comfort in them as they point you to Jesus?

Conversation Questions:

1.Who are your closest friends?
2.Can you tell them about your struggles?
3.Can you tell your family about your struggles?
4.Why does God want us to walk together when life gets hard?
5.Where do we seek comfort first, before other people?
6.How can we, as a family, learn to struggle together?

Family Application:

1. Make a plan and regular time where your student can talk about the parts of their life that are hard.
2. Share a time for you that it was hard to see God and how your friends or family helped you get through it and reminded you who God is.

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