Deal With It Session Two


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Scripture Passage: Isaiah 46

Main Point: God Carries Us Through, Not Around.

Summary: When life is a struggle the Bible tells us to rejoice in suffering. But what is God’s role in the midst of this suffering? How should we pray to Him or ask for His aid? Christians sometimes have beliefs about God that aren’t grounded in scripture, especially when it comes to His role in suffering. Isaiah 46 looks at a passage where the nation of Israel is in deep suffering and what God’s role will be, and has always been, in the midst of difficult seasons of life. In short, God wants to carry us through our suffering, not around it.

Conversation Questions:

1.What do you believe about God? Where did you get that from?
2.What do you think God wants for your life?
3.What do you believe about how God handles our suffering?
4.Does God want to keep you from every experiencing pain?
5.How should we pray to God differently based on this lesson?
6.How are you looking for God in the midst of difficult times?

Family Application:

1. Keep a journal and record when things are getting tough and how you can see God in that.
2. Share a time with your student that God carried you through a tough time rather than helping you avoid it.

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