Generations Leading Generations

As we wrapped up our We Our Young series Sunday morning in Small Groups we got to take some time this week to talk about the generations that have come before us.

Last week was a little bit of a pep rally of youthfulness. We talked about how Jesus loves to use young people for the purpose of His Kingdom and how when we follow the template of leadership that Paul gives Timothy we can do great things no matter what age we are. We can even lead people older than us!

This week though, we had to give the older crowd some credit. The best part about 1 Timothy is that it was written by Paul who was much older than Timothy and had been mentoring him for 14 years! In chapter 5 Paul tells Timothy to treat the older men in his church like fathers. This is especially important because Paul regularly refers to Timothy as his son in the faith, and so he’s telling Timothy in this letter to treat those men the same way he would treat Paul.

The image we see here is that the older generations…although we can argue they don’t always make sense to us…were given to us by God to teach us and train us up in the Gospel.

Growing up I had so much wisdom poured into me in every area of life and can name almost ten men who I love that are much older than me and continually invest in me even to this day.

Without the generation that has gone before us and walked with Jesus through different times in their life, we would have no one to learn from and to teach us. God has given us a generation full of Paul’s to invest in us and has created us to be able to work together and do great things for the Kingdom together.

Not only that, but we talked with our students about how they are also called to be someone’s Paul! That they should be pouring into a younger life and showing them what it means to be a teenager in Graham who loves Jesus.

Talk with your student this week about who are adults that they would love to learn from and maybe even meet with regularly to help them in their walk with Jesus. Ask them who their Timothy is and how they are going to invest in the generation behind them.

With grace,


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