God loves you, not who you could be.

We’re in our second week of our, “Wired,” series and we’re talking about the basics of how we were created. In week one we covered that we are simply wired to love God. It’s who we are and who God has made us to be.

This week we got into a messy one. We talked about how God has wired us to love ourselves. Which…if we’re being honest sounds like some self help statement or recipe for pride and cockiness. But it really depends how we define loving ourselves.

Is loving ourselves about accepting our sin? Is it about how cool, attractive, or athletic we are? Or is it about understanding who God calls us when we put our faith in Jesus?

The names he calls us include: Victor, conqueror, bride, child, beloved, justified, and more.

These are things that should make us look past the identity and worth the world is trying to sell us and into the full confidence of the identity and worth that God has already given us when we give our lives to Him. This helps us love ourselves. To live in peace and joy.

Does this mean we are not sinners and messy people? Absolutely not! It means that despite our sin Jesus loved us and died for us anyway. Does this mean we stay in our sin? Absolutely not! A true love for yourself means loving yourself enough to turn from the sin you’re in and into the freedom Jesus offers.

We were in Romans 5:6-8 and saw how Jesus loved us so much that he died for us while we were still sinners. That even in our darkest moments Jesus would still have died for us right then. That’s a love that can make us love ourselves.

Not because of how great we are, but rather because of how great our Father is.

So how are you communicating this in your home? How do you perceive yourself? Your kids see that and will believe the same things about yourself. Find ways to communicate that your worth and identity is found in Jesus and not in this world.

Your youth minister,

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