Guidance in Conflict

We wrapped up our series in Battlefield this week with our third session where we finally cut straight to the topic of, “If we’re pursuing peace…how the heck do we do that?!”

Last week we talked about how, if peace is the end goal, we can’t let anger take the wheel. This week we talked about what we DO surrender to in order to handle conflict well.

We surrender to a life of following Jesus. When we make Jesus Lord of our life we get the assistance of the Holy Spirit. We see Jesus tell his disciples that before he goes to the cross in John 14. When we receive the Spirit, he is always with us! Often it is just a matter of whether we are walking with Jesus or not.

Our culture has made Jesus out to be like a cup of coffee that we come to when we need just a little bit more. In reality, every day we need more, we need deeper, we need conviction and we need grace. It is only when we are in tune with the Spirit that we can take his direction in conflict. When we are walking with Jesus in prayer, the study of scripture, and the fellowship of the church, we are able to navigate conflict better and obtain peace because he is the giver of peace! The Holy Spirit is where peace comes from because we know that there is a greater purpose than that conflict.

For our students, for us as leaders, for you as parents, this is a call to follow Jesus now. Before conflict arises, in the middle of conflict, and at the end of badly handled conflict. Jesus should be at the center of it all. May we follow him straight into conflict and let him navigate us out.

With grace,

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