Homes of Faith

Last Wednesday we took a break from our normal Bible Study time at FBC and went to Fields of Faith at Newton Field sponsored by FCA.

If you’ve never been to Fields of Faith, communities from all around us bring students from youth ministries or schools, and kids get a chance to hang out with their friends outside of the walls of the church and invite their friends who wouldn’t step foot in our worship service. A band and speaker come in, students get a chance to share pieces of their testimony, and very simply the gospel is delivered so that students can understand it.

The biggest aspect is students come in expectant. When we host huge events, with huge invitations, students show up expecting God to do something and ready to make a decision for Him. Whether that’s a first time decision to follow Jesus, or a repentant heart that sees that they aren’t living in light of the decision they made before, or simply just prayer to go deeper than they’ve gone in their faith.

It’s an incredible seen to watch adults from all over the community come together to minister to hundreds of students and to see students passionate about Jesus. But then Thursday comes. The lights dim, the crowds divide, and your students are back sitting in class.

In small groups on Sunday we covered John 17 where Jesus is praying before he goes to be crucified and he makes requests to God about the disciples and what he wants for them. What we see here, is that the mission of Jesus is much bigger than a one time salvation or a Heaven vs. Hell issue.

What we talked to your kids about is after salvation WE’RE STILL HERE. God doesn’t beam us up to Heaven. So what are we still here for? Simply put ,Jesus wants us to walk with him, that might people might see him, so people would believe in him, and choose to follow him as well.

It is the every day choosing to walk through a messy life following Jesus. The church has so long focused on salvation rather than disciples, and we want to encourage your students to become disciplined disciples. Not just students that make emotional decisions in the heat of the moment on the field.

So as a parent, here are a few questions you can ask your student!
-Did you make a life changing decision last week? If so, what was it?
-Did you make a decision because of what your heart believes, or because of what your friends believe?
-What do you believe Jesus wants for your life?
-How are you currently walking with Jesus BECAUSE of your salvation?

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