Hope Without Jesus is Hopeless

We wrapped up our Viral series this week and it has been such a sweet three weeks. We want to continue to light a fire in our students that burns for the things of God, and I think this series struck many of us to the core.

In the last two weeks, whether you’ve listened to the podcast or watched the videos or even just read along via the blog, you know we covered generosity and compassion. That those two things should be going viral in our community and the HQ should be the church. This week we talked about hope and how a lot of times when we have generosity or compassion it offers hope to people. Those two things often call us to action to bring people out of certain situations. Those two things can often give a tiny sliver of hope to people who seem hopeless in their circumstance.

However, in Matthew 12 we see part of the book of Isaiah quoted saying that Jesus will lead justice to victory and in His name the nations will find their hope. It is only when we are generous and compassionate in the name of Jesus and as we carry the gospel that we have the potential to share real hope.

Often our hope is found in things or people that will fail us. Much like circumstances that leave us hopeless, anything can change at any given moment and we can be let down or left hopeless again. However, Jesus operates outside of circumstance. He is not surprised by our circumstances and he is always working in the lives of believers to build His kingdom and make His name known. What might not seem good to us in a moment, will be used for the good of the Kingdom in time, and that is why we can put our hope in Jesus.

So this week, and every week, we must put our hope in Jesus and share his hope to the nations. The most important thing to go viral is that hope and it can be found in our generosity and in our compassion but we must always do those things carrying the name of Jesus with us. Because that is where true hope is found.

Your Youth Minister,


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