If You Only Knew Session Three



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Scripture Passage: Matthew 16:16-19 & Acts 2:42-47

Main Point: The Church is Jesus Plan for the Redemption of Humanity

Conversation Questions:

1. Why does the church exist?
2. What do you expect out of your church?
3. What do you think you can contribute to the church?
4. Why is being a part of the church vs. just sitting in church important?
5. How do you think this family can become more involved in the local church?
6. How can this family develop a better attitude about the church?
Family Application:

1. Attend 11:00 weekly worship on Sunday morning with your family.
2. Choose a family that you’re going to minister too regularly as a family.
3. Ask your student’s small group leader, the pastor, or anyone on staff where the best      place for your family to serve is.
4.Schedule a meeting with the pastor or Laine to talk about your family’s needs from the church and also talk about your role moving forward.

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