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Scripture Passage: Luke 8:1-3

Main Point: Jumping In Means Recognizing Our Sin

Summary: In life we are often faced with the question, “Are You In?” and the answer to that question can change everything. In our faith, Jesus is often asking something similar. Are we in for following him? Are we in to do whatever he calls us to? And how do we get in? Is it some secret password or simply recognizing our sin and our need for him? We believe it’s the latter.

Conversation Questions:

1.How do you define sin?
2.What are some sins you struggle with? Here’s some of mine.
3.How does recognizing our sin change the way we follow Jesus?
4.What does Jesus do with our sin?
5.What does he expect from us, sinners, that he’s saved and made his?

Family Application:

1. Talk about the things you struggled with that Jesus has saved you from. Also, talk about the things you’re still learning to leave behind and follow Jesus.

2. Talk about ways your family is “All In” in walking with Jesus. What are some ways you can dive deeper to giving yourselves wholly to him.

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