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Scripture Passage: John 20:24-31

Main Point: You will doubt. Don’t let doubt win.

Summary: Have you ever wondered if God could really love someone like you? Maybe you’ve wondered if God could really do something great in your life? Maybe you read scripture occasionally and have doubts that all this is true. Often followers of Jesus have doubts and never talk about them. Or even worse, our doubts keep us from giving our lives to Jesus and following Him. Wednesday night we talked about how even though we’ll doubt, we don’t want to give into that doubt and let doubt win.

Conversation Questions:

1.What are some doubts you have in your faith?
2.What are those doubts keeping you from?
3.How can doubt be turned to good? (Doubt often creates questions, questions lead to knowledge, knowledge leads to deeper love)
4.How can we combat doubt in our faith life?
5.What does Jesus tell Thomas about his doubt?
6.What does John say he’s giving us in the last couple verses to combat doubt?

Family Application:

1. Read the book of John together for 21 days. That’s a chapter a day, and talk about what you see. John gives us this book that people might believe in Jesus and not doubt like Thomas.

2. Develop a family Bible reading plan to regularly fill yourselves with truth when you are filled with doubt.

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