I’m In Session Two


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Scripture Passage: Acts 15:5-11

Main Point: Being “In” Is Defined By Our Relationship, Not Our Ability To Follow Rules.

Summary: In life we are often faced with the question, “Are You In?” and the answer to that question can change everything. In our faith, Jesus is often asking something similar. If recognizing our sin calls us to jump in, what are we jumping in to? This week we talked about Jesus desires a relationship before rules. Rules are often good, but without the foundation of Jesus, they can’t save us.

Conversation Questions:

1.What are some rules or principles we live by as a family?
2.Why do we live by these things?
3.Do we expect other people to live by those rules?
4.Do these rules make us good people? Do these things define us?
5.Are our rules keeping us from sharing Jesus with people who don’t know him, or his way of life yet?
6.How can we be patient with people who don’t know all the rules yet, but still need Jesus? 7.How do we share Jesus with them and trust that God will do a work in their lives to change them before they ever change themselves?

Family Application:

1. Talk about ways your family is “All In” in walking with Jesus. What are some ways you can dive deeper to giving yourselves wholly to him.

2. Take some steps to spend quality time with your teenager this week and build a relationship that will withstand those pesky moments when they get in trouble.

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