In Your Face

We’re in week 2 of our “Dateable” series and this week was a bumpy ride.

There are some talks that just feel a little too close to home, am I right? We know those moments whether it be a church service or a conversation with a friend that just make us uncomfortable because we know that we’re doing something wrong.

In 2016 technology is at best, progression to a bright future and at worst, a necessary evil. It really depends who you are as to what your opinions on technology are. As a 23 year old I LOVE technology. I’m all about using it as much and as often as possible, especially in our youth ministry. Everything we do, and half of my job, can be done from my cell phone.

What a time to be alive!!!

Unfortunately it has it’s dangers. As people, we have learned that technology is something we can hide behind, especially in the dating world. Teenagers everywhere are afraid of rejection, afraid to fight, and afraid to express their feelings.

So…they do it behind technology. What we end up with is groups of people who don’t know how to interact with each other. They don’t know how to handle other human emotion so they fight behind texts. They don’t have the courage to talk in person so they instant message. At worst, they hide inappropriate conversations because they would never say some things in person because it’s wrong.

In 2 John, although not a book about dating, we see a letter closed with the desire to have face-to-face conversation. In a time where getting face to face was much less accessible than it is now, John realizes that some conversations are just meant to be in person.

Why? Jesus created us to be in relationship. He created us for it, and lived it himself. That means we should get this relationship thing right, whether friendly, familial, or romantic.

When Jesus invites us to relationship with him, it can get messy sometimes. But the beauty of it is that it also invites us to relationship with other people despite it’s messiness. His grace doesn’t just cover our sin, it covers our failure and inability to be in relationship well. He walks with us through the toughest and most awkward conversations covering us in grace, love, and acceptance, even if other people don’t return those things.

This week talk to your kid about their relationships. How they are being a good friend, or boyfriend/girlfriend IN PERSON. It’s good to push them past the boundaries of their devices.

With grace,


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