It’s not them, it’s you.

Last Wednesday we started our, “Dateable,” series and we’ll be in it for the whole month of February.

We opened the series with answering the question, “What’s the point?”

Let’s be real, the dating world is filled with the idea of, “What can the other person do for me?” And when they don’t measure up we start to do a full analysis of all the things the other person has fallen short in.

The truth is, no one likes being treated like that. The harder truth? We often treat the other person in the relationship in ways that we aren’t too fond of being treated ourselves.

That puts us in Mark 12:29-31 Where we see two commands, to love God and to love people. The trick? The people command comes with loving them as much as we love ourselves.

See, the trick to being dateable is being someone who loves other people. Not someone who only wants to have their needs and desires filled. When picking someone to be in a relationship with, look at how they love other people. Look at how they serve other people. But most importantly? Look at how you love other people, how you serve other people, and how concerned you are with having your own needs filled.

The truth is that the first command to love God, will fill the needs and desires we have. That is a God who knows us, loves us, and provides for us. Once we know that we can love other people unconditionally and walk in healthy relationships.

This week ask your student what they think the point of dating is. Ask them if they think they are dateable and why they think that. It could change the game for your teenager in their future relationships. Students who learn to date well now, to love well now, to be more concerned about others now, will have healthier marriages in the future.

With grace,


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