Living Under a Bridge for Jesus

Okay, so this is my biggest fear. A couple years ago, on the back porch of my house in college with my roommate he mentioned that if God’s will is for him to be homeless and love people in the name of Jesus he would do it.

My roommate was a better man than me. That’s a terrifying thought process when you’re looking at getting married and planning a life, but it was awesome to hear.

Many people think that God’s plan MUST be for them to be financially secure and have nice things and live comfortably. If that’s not happening, something must be wrong because God is working for our good, right?!?

The truth is that Jesus speaks against the love of money and finding our identity in it way more often than we speak against it in the church. When we opened up to Luke 12 this week we saw a man wanting Jesus to settle a dispute between he and his brother about their coming inheritance. Jesus however isn’t there to settle disputes but warn against the thing that can take a hold of our lives and divert our focus from Him and His mission.

This money has already got a hold of this man and broken a a relationship with his brother. We see that happen a lot, right? Money can ruin and break relationships when we love it. Like when we loan someone money and they never pay it back. Or maybe we don’t feel like we make enough to give or make a difference in our community. Or maybe we don’t have the house and means to love the people around us and invite them into our lives and so we never find true community.

However, in the following parable in Luke 12 we see a man that has saved up for himself and he has missed out on two things. Investing his wealth in God and in others. Let’s just say, God’s not so pleased. This man has only invested in his own comfort, his own riches, his own leisure, and has not been rich toward God.

Is being wealthy bad? Absolutely not if you remember your God. Does being broke mean you can’t be rich toward God? Absolutely not. You can still love His people, give your time, and even give what you have because it is only by Him that you have finances at all. Our God wants us to love Him and love His people by investing in both financially, with our time, with our possessions and more.

While greed is busy breaking relationships or resisting relationships, generosity is in the business of building relationships. Not just for the sake of having new friends, but to show people the character of Jesus and tell them about a Jesus who gave more than a tithe or a few hours of community service, but gave His life to build a relationship with us.

That’s a generous God we serve. It should call us to be a generous people.

With grace,


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