Merge Bigs

What being a “Big brother/sister” entails:

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Merge Weekend is the start of a mentor ship between you and an incoming 6th grade student and will serve as an introduction to our youth ministry. You will need to be a role model for your “Little” as what it looks like to be an active Christian. You will need to keep in contact with your Little at least throughout the fall semester. You will need to have an active and regular attendance on Wednesdays and Sundays. And lastly, have fun. 🙂

Merge will take place upstairs in the Family Life Center (the building with the gym), on Saturday, August 11th. The students will be arriving around 11:00 and will stay until 6:00. Lunch will be provided.

Students who have completed 9th- 11th grade will be allowed to be a “Big”. The cost for each Big will be $10.

Registration is due by July 22nd, and you will be required to attend a meeting about Merge @ 5:00 on the same day.