Our Joy Begins With Jesus

So much of life is spent trying to find happiness and so much of parenting is spent trying to find your child’s happiness. And honestly, who doesn’t want to be happy? Outside of a some rare exceptions, we all want to be happy. We want to be with someone who makes us happy, go to a job that makes us happy, accomplish things that bring us happiness and more.

Our happiness drives us and our desires in almost every area of our lives. If this is the case than this is something we should get right yet most people will never complete this journey or find happiness even inside the walls of the church.

If this pursuit has left us so empty historically, it is possibly we are doing something wrong. It is possible that we are on a journey to find happiness instead of letting happiness drive the journey. Maybe Jesus isn’t the answer to our happiness question, but the definer of happiness that directs how we respond to situations.

In Philippians 4:10-13 we see Paul writing about a contentment that exceeds his circumstance. For most of us, our circumstances drive our deepest feelings and place in life, but Paul tells us that no matter if he is in prison or has it all, Christ has given him the strength to have a happy peace. He has not arrived at Christ in a quest for happiness but learned that the death and resurrection of Jesus means that Christ has supplied him with all he needs and therefore life can’t touch him, things can’t define him, relationships can’t break him no matter how hard those moments seem.

This is a happiness and a peace that isn’t smiley face emojis all the time, but rather a knowledge and commitment to following Jesus that you recognize is bigger than your circumstance.

The beginning of happiness is the choice to follow Jesus and let him enter every area of your life. It is then the journey has truly begun.

Not a journey for happiness, but a journey in a world that Jesus has already defined your happiness.

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