Own It Session One


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Scripture Passage: Matthew 6:24

Main Point: Money Makes A Poor Master

Summary: In life there are a lot of seemingly good things around us that can begin to take a grip on our lives. At a young age we realize how exciting money can be and ask we grow older we begin to define ourselves, our lives, and others around us by their financial well being. It has the power to create great stress or anxiety in our lives or tell us what we can or cannot do and we begin to listen to our financial situation over Jesus. In session one of this series we talked about how money makes a poor master and we need to give Lordship back to Jesus.

Conversation Questions:

1.What do you think is the point of money?
2.What are your financial dreams?
3.What is your “currency” or thing in your life competing for Lord?
4.How would you define our family in wealth terms?
5.What do you think of people that have less than us?
6.What do you think of people that have more than us?

Family Application:

1.Teach your child how to budget and put an emphasis on giving to the church so they can develop healthy spiritual disciplines early.
2. Develop a plan as a family to support charities, the sick, the poor, etc as an example of money having no mastery over you.

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