Patience Makes Our World Bigger

This Sunday morning our students met in our youth room and we closed out our For The Win series. It’s been a 5 week series out of Proverbs where we discuss wise ways to conduct our lives so that we can set ourselves up for success. Not success by the way the world defines it, but success in a way that is God and Bible defined.

Our verse for this morning was out of Proverbs 19:11 and it says in the NIV, “A person’s wisdom yields patience; it is to one’s glory to overlook an offense.”

Patience is hard. Maybe you’re like me in that there are some things that you firmly believe you just shouldn’t have to wait for. Or maybe because of human error you were forced into patience. You didn’t choose that life IT CHOSE YOU. It creates frustration and in this day and age it seems to make our lives harder. We are busy people with the world quite literally at our finger tips, and we don’t want to wait.

People make this even more messy. People are messy, that’s just the way it is. We mess up, we fall short, we make mistakes, we do wrong, and so patience with people seems near impossible at times. But what we see in Proverbs is that patience is a product of wisdom. That wise people are capable of patience.

You see, the reason that wisdom is the precursor to patience is that patience is often a result of small world view. Patience is created when the focus is on you and your situation, but wise people see the world and people for what it is and who they are. They understand messy people, human error, and they understand that there is a bigger picture.

Patience makes our world bigger.

When we have wisdom we can see past our circumstance, past peoples’ mistakes, past frustration, and we can become patient. As Proverbs says, it is at benefit to us because impatience only affects us and our hearts. It only creates frustration for us and causes us to act on others with a lack of grace.

Lastly, how much more patience does God have with us? Jesus died on a cross, rose again, and invites us into relationship with him with the FULL KNOWLEDGE that he will spend eternity being patient with us. Watching us mess up, fall short, hurt others, and all the while forgiving us along the way. We can offer nothing less than our full patience toward others. When we don’t? There is grace and patience from Jesus. But when we do? It is at benefit to us and our hearts and is a small but significant part of being Jesus to others so that they might see him.

So this week spend time applying patience!

Ask for wisdom, that we might be patient.

Watch your words, as they are a reflection of your impatient heart.

See the future as your world gets bigger and the circumstance gets smaller.

Remember the past as Jesus has been infinitely patient with you and your downfalls.

With Grace,

Your Youth Minister.

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