Peace Over Power

Have you ever felt powerless? You know that moment that something has happened or someone has acted in a way that you don’t know how to respond and quite frankly can’t respond.

We live in a world where every day a relationship, whether family, friend, work, or just someone you come in to contact with on a regular basis, has the opportunity to leave you feeling powerless. As a matter of fact, the more relationships we are in and the deeper in community we are, the more we are opening ourselves up to the chance to have our power stripped from us.

The worst part? We love power. It’s what builds up our pride and what we hold dear because we desire superiority. So what do we do, when we lose that power? How do we react? These are important questions to answer, because we have to know how we usually react and then also how the Bible says we should react.

So how does human nature respond to having our power taken?

With attitude change that leads to action change.

Often we get mad or sad, and understandably so, but it gets worse when we give in to those emotions and let them make decisions for us. We talked to our students about how, decisions charged by emotion, often have a negative impact on our lives. That the action we take is often dangerous to us, and worse, a poor representation of who Jesus is.

So what do we do? We find ourselves in Romans 12 and Paul is addressing the topic of Christian Living to the church in Rome and he tells them “Don’t repay evil for evil” and to “live at peace with everyone.”

Obviously this is opposite to our human reaction. This requires us to respond with gentleness, kindness, and service, to those who have stripped our power. It requires us to respond like Jesus, which is counter-cultural and doesn’t feel normal, and that’s the beauty of it. When we respond in this way, Jesus is seen and his story is on display and the hope is that people see Jesus so they could believe in him.

So how are you choosing peace this week? Because justice is God’s we can rest in peace because he is a just God and because of what Jesus did on the cross.

What can you do in your family to be the peace-maker?

How can you choose peace over power in your relationships as you teach your student to do the same?

Join us and be the youth minister in the home this week and have some conversations about this topic!

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