People Aren’t Groceries

“73 People You Shouldn’t Date”

We’ve all seen the articles and we’re still talking about dating at 602. These are the big warnings to not date the people that are…catch this…actually people. Heaven forbid we find ourselves with someone one day who isn’t THE perfect follower of Christ. If these lists were real and we lived by them, most of us wouldn’t be married today and even happily married at that.

We all have our lists. We have our expectations whether written down or in the back of our heads, they exist. The problem is that most of us don’t live up to other people’s expectations or even our own expectations at that.

There’s nothing wrong with being attracted to certain people, but some of our expectations are just unrealistic. Or maybe we meet really great people all the time who LOVE JESUS but they don’t have the little things down we’re holding on to. It seem as though our teenagers, maybe even ourselves, and the rest of the country is searching for the perfect someone.

But they don’t exist.

Even 1 Corinthians gives us a list of EXACTLY what love is but when we read it, if we’re honest with ourselves, we are not that list. But what a great goal it is. Jesus calls us to BECOME rather than to search. Why? So eventually we might BECOME with other people together. Jesus is much more interested in people becoming like Him and following Him and even following Him TOGETHER, than he is in ridiculous lists.

See, this list in 1 Corinthians is the list of perfect and complete love that is only found in Jesus and even describes who Jesus is. We can’t have it, we can’t live it, we can’t experience it without Jesus, but if we are found in Jesus than we can start to BECOME that.

This week help your student, or even yourself, become like Jesus rather than find the perfect person. It will save them all the heartache in the world.

With grace,


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