Play Your Part

This Sunday we finished up our Real Talk series.

It was a quick two week study on what prayer is and most importantly how we can be better at one of the most important spiritual disciplines of the Church. In week one, if you read our first blog or watched our first video, we talked about what prayer is. We unwrapped the formal intimidating version of prayer that the church often delivers and talked about how prayer’s purpose is know God better. That prayer is simply a relationship and there are no special words or phrases, but that the most important thing you could do is honestly communicate with your maker.

In week two we worked through the idea that prayer has pieces. That prayer is definitely a relationship, but seeing as how many of us are bad at relationships to begin with, what is the role we play? What is our role as child of God, bride of Christ, hands and feet of the Church?

We walked through multiple scriptures:
Psalm 8:3-4
Hebrews 4:16
and 1 John 1:9

What we settled on is four simple ways that we can change and alter our prayer life. We focused on Worship//Gratitude//Confession//and Others.

Maybe you need to find a place to start. Maybe you do all four of those individually well, but it’s time to put those pieces together and grow your prayer life. Maybe you need to pick JUST ONE this week and watch your prayer life grow in that area.

At 602 we discussed that God is WORTHY of our worship and our gratitude. That his goodness and grace is so much bigger than us, and we will likely spend our whole lives trying to fathom the unfathomable, because He’s just THAT BIG.

Confession is hard to do because we have to admit we’re wrong. Confession is hard with people because people are most often not very forgiving. Maybe you are like many people in that you don’t even know what it’s like to be forgiven. The foot of the cross is different. At that place forgiveness is offered for all things to all people. That statement is two part. It means we are forgiven and so we can confess sin to God knowing he’ll forgive us and that we can turn from it and not live in that light anymore. Secondly, as image bearers of God, we are called to be that kind of forgiving. That people would see our forgiveness and finally know what it’s like to be forgiven so we can point them toward that kind of God. Toward that Jesus. Who is immeasurably forgiving.

Lastly we found out that it’s our duty to approach the throne of God for others as well. That we should be fighting for our classmates, teammates, and strangers in the hall. That you as adults, should be fighting for the people you work with, the person who wronged you, and the person you hate. Because if we aren’t fighting for them in prayer, WHO WILL?

At 602 we learned that prayer has pieces and we need to put those pieces together to watch our prayer lives grow.

We learned how to play our part…will you?

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