Relationships are at stake.

This week we started our “Battlefield” series at 602.

That’s kind of weird. I know this is usually the time we start our full out Christmas series, and I promise Christmas will get it’s time, but I find this series to be of significant importance.

Remember that first broken relationship? Maybe you still have some scarring from your relationship with your parents, maybe you had a falling out with a friend or it was your first broken heart to begin a string of broken hearts. No matter what, something about unresolved conflict leaves us feeling broken, or worse, bitter.

Maybe this conflict was with someone you deeply loved and cared about. Now you’re stuck with caring about someone that is no longer in the picture because of a poorly handled conflict.

Chances are things were handled poorly. Ya…that’s forward. And ya…I’m calling you out. But guess what, I’m calling myself out too. Why? Because we are a people that are more concerned with being right than being in right relationship.

This week we taught our students that peace in the relationship will always be better than winning points in the fight. That Jesus has called us to relationship not to be right.

We went even as far as to say that the whole Gospel we believe in, have put our faith in, and proclaim, is a hundred percent about us being wrong. That we are so wrong and God is so right we deserve eternity apart from Him.


Oh what a transition. God was more concerned with relationship than being right that he sent His son to reconcile the broken relationship. He sent the Prince of Peace to restore peace in the relationship. He put on display on the cross the greatest act of reconciliation to a wrong people that we will ever know.

So…as his followers. It’s our job to reconcile relationships. To pursue peace. To keep unity in our church, in our relationships with believers, and to be humble with those who don’t know Jesus that they may one day be part of the unity.

With grace,


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