Remove Yourself

From what I’ve gathered, and not to my surprise, we are in a highly convicting series.

Why? Because people like to be comfortable. As a matter of fact, at 602 we try our best to make every student feel comfortable, loved, and like they belong long before they ever choose to walk with Jesus.

However, in this series we are discovering that our God is not one of comfort but one who calls us to Step Up to the uncomfortable and big tasks at hand. We are discovering a God that is much less interested in the incredibly talented and vocal leader that the world loves but very interested in taking ordinary people to do extraordinary things and make His name known.

In high school I ran cross country and we went to one meet that was slightly different my junior year. It was a relay where each leg (a total of 7 legs or 7 runners) ran two miles. They tallied the points by what place each leg got and  the lowest score won. I had never up to this point won a race and especially not a varsity race which did not leave me in a confident place to step up to the line thinking I could pull one out for the team. On top of that, our coach advised us, “Don’t even get off the bus if you don’t plan on winning.”

Safe to say I spent some extra time on the ole yellow dog. Fear kept me from wanting to step up to the challenge. I had no confidence because I knew my own talent and historically did not have what it took to line up with some of these other guys from around the state and win.

In walks Joshua. The leader that would follow Moses great leadership over the nation of Israel. How much more intimidated can you be than to follow the greatest leader known to those people. Yet God tells Joshua to not be afraid, but to follow HIS ways and he would be successful.

Our faith is the same way. God calls us to get off that bus and go win for Him and we look at our own skill and say we could never do the things He’s called us to do. However, when God calls us to Step Up we often forget that stepping up to this challenge, doing the big thing he’s called us to, and having confidence, does not mean confidence in ourselves and our own abilities but confidence that He will carry out the plans He’s made.

Confidence to Step Up means putting ourselves, our skills, our abilities aside and being obedient to God. It has nothing to do with US and everything to do with GOD.


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