Resident Aliens

Have you ever felt out of place? Maybe you felt like you didn’t fit in or there was a confrontation inside of you? I remember when I was visiting college campuses my senior year of high school and I visited TCU. I saw an opportunity to run there and wanted to do a visit and remember from the first time I stepped on campus something didn’t feel right. I felt like I didn’t fit in and that I didn’t have a passion for the university.

Truth is maybe some of us feel like this daily in the world we live in. This week we started a new series in our 602 Ministry called Out Of This World. Out Of This World is a study in Philippians and centered around the idea that as believers, something about being a part of this world makes us feel like we don’t belong. Everything around us often seems to say one thing and believe one thing, yet here we are believing something different.

Often our morals, ethics and values are different. Our communities look different. To the furthest extent even our love (including our marriages and families) should look different. Of utmost importance, our grace should look different.

And this week in Philippians we talked about “conducting ourselves in a manner whether of the gospel.” That when we feel that conflict inside of us and we feel like we don’t belong…THAT’S A GOOD THING. Because as believers we shouldn’t look like the world, we won’t always agree with the world, and something will make us uncomfortable here. So…we live gospel centered lives.

The truth is, Jesus left us here for a reason and that reason is to be an example of who Jesus is. In all things, we should conduct ourselves in a manner whether of the gospel. This means no matter the persecution, no matter the difficulty, no matter the hate against us…we will be out of this world. We will be different from this world. The gospel is what makes us different, what sets us apart.

So as a family, this week, look at what makes you Out Of This World.

What example are you setting? How is your family different? How is your relationship with your teenagers different?

Feel free to study the book of Philippians as a family this month as we study it at 602 and have conversations about what this book means and how to apply it.

With grace,


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