Road Trip Session Three


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Scripture Passage: Acts 20:1-6

Main Point: Jesus Calls Us To All People

Summary: Throughout this series we have seen that Jesus changes our direction, the Holy Spirit leads us in that new direction, and this week we see where we’re going. However, what we find is that Jesus is far less concerned with the where and more concerned about the who. Jesus has always been about people, the question is, which people?

Conversation Questions:

1.What do the people around you look like?
2.Who is the most different person from you that you regularly associate with?
3.How do you get outside your world to meet new people?
4.Which people do we have a hard time loving?
5.Would we be willing to invite those people into our world?
6.What do we communicate as a family, if we aren’t for all people?

Family Application:

1. What is family that’s really different from yours? Invite them over for a dinner with your family and get to know them.
2. Watch Remember The Titans and talk about how you can be joining with different people in your church for a common goal to reach more people (What obstacles are in the way? Which ones can you remove while still honoring Christ?)

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