Still Being Rescued

Imagine a disaster scene in any city. Build up the chaos in your mind, the falling buildings, the running people, the fire, and make it as tragic as you want.

Now imagine there’s a hero in this city and that hero has saved you. He has picked you up out of danger and rescued you. What a hero! That he would rescue you! He’s even picking up people left and right that are calling for him and rescuing them as well.

Now imagine that hero who rescued you, is carrying you past the danger and you’re kicking and screaming begging to be let go and returned to the rubble. Screaming, “You already saved me I can take it from here!” That would be insanity. The rescue is not over. It has actually just begun. Any person knows that you cling tight to the hero during that time, you do what he says to stay safe, and even though there is still danger all around you, you are still with the hero. Even though danger might get to you still, you are with the hero.

At 602 we jumped in to Philippians 2 and we see the church that Paul loves. And Paul reiterates the gospel to them that he once brought to them new and fresh and they BELIEVED. Not only did they believe, but they obeyed and to this day were still obedient to God. Paul then mentions the word salvation and how they should still be working out their salvation in “fear and trembling.”

Now, it is most important to know that we can’t work for our salvation. We can’t ever be good enough for the holiness of God. We are either enemies of God or children of God and the only difference is that children have put their faith in Jesus to wipe away their sin and come into their life.

In the church and in Christianity we call this being saved. But the salvation Paul talks about is more than a moment of prayer. It is more than a moment of giving your life to Christ, although that moment is necessary, this salvation is the life that follows. This salvation is the hero has rescued us BUT HE IS STILL PERFORMING THE RESCUE.

Often we wonder where God is or what happened to our new found faith, and the truth is that Jesus rescued us and we’ve been kicking and screaming the whole way trying to join the burning city. In reality we are called to work out our salvation. To walk daily with Jesus and cling to the hero in our narrative.

Yes it is true. If we have put our faith in Jesus because of what he did and not because of anything we have done, we are saved and will spend eternity with him, but the journey doesn’t end there. It actually just begins.

We are still being saved, still becoming like Jesus, and one day we will be complete but not yet.

Don’t let the journey stop at the decision. Let it begin. Work out your salvation with fear and trembling.

We are still being rescued.

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