There Is Joy In Forgiveness

Last week we talked about joy being found in Jesus. That is not new news to many of us that have been faithfully checking our church attendance card every couple weeks for a number of years. And for this group that has prayed a prayer, walked an aisle, or checked a decision card we are left in a state of confusion of why we have missed out on so much joy that is supposed to come with Jesus in your life.

I’ll never forget a night about a year ago when a friend of mine texted me who was struggling with finding happiness anywhere. They began to tell me that they knew that their happiness was found in Jesus but they didn’t feel that currently in their life. I knew for a fact that this friend was not involved in the local church, investing in their personal relationship with Jesus, and living in direct contradiction to what a lot of scripture would say.

Many of us know what it means to put forward that lip service of happiness being found in Jesus but we don’t know the feeling or have the knowledge of it. For many of us that’s found in the fact that when we gave our lives to Jesus we didn’t step into the light he calls us into and we stayed in our sin or even walked back into that sin days, weeks, months, or even years later.

In salvation we make a general confession of being a sinner but as followers of Jesus it is also important to regularly confess sin to a God that offers forgiveness freely. It is often our current state of sin brings us shame and keeps us from approaching God and we drift farther and farther out of the light we once walked into. But in regular confession we acknowledge that our God is good enough to save us and we get to celebrate in forgiveness that brings joy. There is no greater joy than in confession that is answered with forgiveness.

We found this to be true in 1 John 1:5-9 where Jesus calls us to walk in the light and when we are not to confess the darkness and walk back into the light.

This week, how are you going to create a home centered around forgiveness so that your student might know that the joy they have in Jesus can be experienced even after our deepest and darkest mistakes.

There is joy in forgiveness. Forgiveness offered by Jesus.

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