United by Blood

This past week was a different week for students. We didn’t meet at 602 on Wednesday and therefore didn’t have our normal small group discussion on Sunday morning. This is because last week was devoted to See You At The Pole which is a community prayer rally at students schools.

Our high school and jr. high students met at their flag poles bright and early at 7am to be led in worship and then formed small groups to pray. It was a great chance for many students to step up and lead in their faith and to attract friends in their school to join them in the basics of their faith.

Later that night we met as a community of churches, teenagers, and leaders to come together and worship and hear our guest speaker, Wes Hamilton, deliver the gospel. Eight FBC students made life changing decisions to rededicate their faith, start their faith, or to grow deeper. Anytime a decision is made for the sake of the gospel it is worth celebrating!

Such a great night to come under the banner of, “United,” and realize that we are all joined together through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. This is also a great moment to look inward toward your own faith and think about what decisions you’ve made recently for the sake of the Kingdom of God.

Or maybe it’s time to decide what your family is United under? Are you a family living every day for the sake of the Gospel and continually coming together in prayer, worship, and service?

In our 602 Ministry we want to be about unity. We want our students to feel safe and feel like they have a place to belong. We want students to regularly hear the Gospel so when the Holy Spirit moves they can make bold decisions that will impact them for the rest of their lives. How are you partnering with us to make these moments possible?

If you’re reading this blog that’s a start. It means you care about your students faith and you want to know what we’re teaching and how they’re growing. Maybe the next step is joining our church or coming to our Sunday night Parenting Teens class.

This week live united. As a family, as a ministry, as a church, as a member of the Body of Christ.

Your youth minister,

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