Upside Down Session One


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Scripture Passage: John 13:3-7  & 12-16

Main Point: Be The Friend You Want To Have

Conversation Questions:

1.What do you look for in a friend?
2.What kind of friend do you think you are?
3.What kind of friend was Jesus?
4.How does that match the friend you are?
5.What does it look like to serve your friends?
6.How can I help you serve your friends this week?

Family Application:

1. Have family friends over and serve them in your home.
2. Help your teenager pick a friend to serve them in a fun way this week and help them do it. (Bringing or buying them lunch, taking notes in class if they’re sick, Giving them a ride to church, etc)
3. Make friends with a family who doesn’t go to church and make a plan to serve them like Jesus would.

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