Upside Down Session Three


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Scripture Passage: Matthew 25:34-40

Main Point: Followers of Jesus love the “least of these”

Summary: We love to have relationships that benefit us. That could benefit our work lives, our emotional needs, or any void that we can think of that needs to be filled. However, when we come face to face with this passage, we see that Jesus calls his followers to love those that can’t do anything for them. We are to love the “least of these.”

Conversation Questions:

1.Who are people that can do nothing for you (categorically)?
2.How do you normally treat those types of people?
3.Who were the people that Jesus mentioned that society had pushed aside?
4.How does Jesus expect his followers to respond?
5.What does it look like to love those in our community that have nothing to offer us?
6.Who specifically are those people in our lives?

Family Application:

1. Think of someone who has nothing to offer your family. What can you do to love them this week? How can you serve them expecting nothing in return?
2. Get involved in the local food pantry.
3. Sacrifice a portion of your Christmas gifts this year for a family that won’t get Christmas.

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