Upside Down Session Two


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Scripture Passage: Luke 23:34, Acts 7:59-60, Matthew 6:43-47

Main Point: God’s People Love Their Enemies

Summary: Culture and the world loves to create enemies. We want revenge on our enemies or we want justice for our enemies. However, Jesus and his followers should treat their enemies much different than the rest of the world. What does that look like for your teenager and your family?

Conversation Questions:

1.What makes someone your enemy?
2.How do you normally treat those who are against you?
3.Who were Jesus’ enemies? What did they do to him?
4.What is Jesus response to his enemies in scripture?
5.What does it look like to love our enemies?
6.How can I help you love the people that are against you, this week?

Family Application:

1. Think of someone who has wronged your family. What can you do to love them this week? What are some steps toward forgiveness you can take?
2. Watch a movie together with a clear villain. Talk about what makes them so awful and if you know people that treat your teenager or family like that. Now talk about how you can love them anyway.
3. Intentionally take the first steps of love toward people who know that you don’t like them. It could be the first step to reconciliation.

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