We’re All Inn Keepers

This blog is coming early this week because it’s Christmas Eve.

At 602 last night we had an incredible small gathering of teenagers and adults that sang songs of worship to Jesus two days before we celebrate his birth.

Following we dove right in to Luke 2:6-7 where we looked at just a small part of the birth of Jesus and we see the famous moment that the inn is too full for a pregnant teenager and her fiance. Instead, our savior is born in a stable and laid in a manger and visited by shepherds.

I’ll cut to the chase. We talked about how in reality, we’re all inn keepers. It is likely, that although we would vocally say this holiday is about Jesus, we get caught up in the busyness and craziness of family, meals, and gifts, that we miss out on experiencing Jesus.

The reality is that we are this (holds fingers close to each other) close to experiencing Jesus. The inn keeper was too. He almost became a much bigger part of history changing the nativity scene on your coffee table but he was caught up in being successful, busy, and known. He was caught up in what the world would say are good things, the things that we celebrate in each others lives, and I’m not here to fault him for that. But the reality is that he missed experiencing Jesus in that moment.

The inn keeper could have witnessed the birth of a savior, but he was busy and missed it.

This Christmas we could experience the hope of Jesus in our lives but we are in danger of missing it in the busyness.

So….this Christmas be about the things Jesus was about:

As believers we carry a supernatural hope around with us that is found only in Jesus. Be that hope to someone else this Christmas.

Instead of giving presents, lets give hope. Because we have been shown a great hope.

Merry Christmas,

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