What is a “Parenting Blog”?

If you have been around our Student Ministry for any amount of time, you know that I’m a HUGE proponent of educating and equipping the parents of our students to be ministers of the gospel in their own homes. I believe this for an abundance of reasons but the most important three are these:

  • I honestly want to see your faith grow. Truly. May it be bigger than my own.
  • I want you to come lead with us. Seriously. Come serve in our student ministry and impact the next generation of leaders.
  • You see your student more than I do. You have raised them. Their faith will grow exponentially more if we are a team

Our ministry has taken a very exciting turn and I firmly believe it is the best for this ministry, this church, and this community. So…why do I start of talking about this? Because this is a Parenting Blog. I am fully aware that as a 22 year old newly wed, I am not equipped to tell you how to parent or how I’ve raised my own kids and it is likely that one day I may even be coming to you for parenting advice. However, I am educated in youth ministry. The pursuit of my Masters degree is not one in theology or the New Testament but rather the study of teenagers and their growing faith.

So what does that mean?

It means I and many other adults are teaching your students Bible every single week. We are constantly creating content for them to grow, serve and love. Because of this I likely know what your child is studying in their faith, whether it be in their quiet times or what we’re preaching on Wednesdays and Sundays, because we are the ones creating the content. So…while I can’t tell you how to parent or discipline or what to do when your teenager is turning your life upside down, I can tell you what their learning. I can equip you to be a better spiritual leader. We will write blogs that are specifically designed for that. They will be filled with what we are learning on Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings and everything in between so when your teenager comes home and you ask them what they learned you can have very real discussions with them past the awkward, “Nothings.” or “It was good.” or my personal favorite, “We learned about Jesus.”

We live in a time where your child’s voice can be heard in half a second by all users of social media, so we must create places where their voices can be heard in their own homes. At First Baptist we want to help prepare you and equip you for that.

With love and grace,

Laine Melikian

Your Youth Minister and friend.

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