You Can Do Anything You Put Your Mind Too

…or at least that’s what our parents told us. You remember that moment right? You had a big dream, a far reaching goal, an obstacle in your path, and your parents told you those magical words.

It’s like it opened up a whole new world of possibilities for you because DO YOU KNOW THE KIND OF CRAZY STUFF I CAN THINK UP?!

But it makes us think…is that true? Like…can we really do everything we put our minds too? I think not.

For example, I used to have an aunt (Well…she’s still my aunt but the story is in past tense) that told me every time she saw me that she couldn’t wait to see me run in the Olympics. Shocking that at 23 I’m slower than I was 5 years ago and about as far from the Olympic Trials as anyone else on planet Earth. That was probably not a realistic or accomplishable goal. I was barely in the top 5 fastest guys in my high school much less…ya know…the whole country. My mind could have wanted it but it just wasn’t in the cards.

We discussed that the better route might simply be that, “Your actions, your emotions, what you pursue, those will be a reflection of your thought.” So maybe we can’t do anything we put our mind to, but we will put all our effort and energy into the things that take up the most space in our thought.

In Philippians Paul seems to agree. He closes his letter by writing to the Philippians that they should focus their minds on things that are noble, good, lovely, admirable, excellent, and praiseworthy (Philippians 4:8)

Why? Because when we focus our minds on those things, those are the things we pursue. Those are the things that Paul is deeply concerned about because those are the things that make us look like Jesus.

Paul then takes it a step further in verse 9 and says if we want to think these things, if we want to look like Jesus, we just have to look like him. Paul says he is following Jesus so closely that if we just copy him we’ll look like Jesus too. Paul says that his mind is on those things listed, so if we want our minds to be on those things we can just copy him.

So why is it important for our minds to be focused on those things? Because our actions, emotions, and energy will reflect it. Because it will help us follow Jesus more closely. And why follow Jesus more closely? Because someone is following us.

Where your mind goes, you will go. And where you go, someone will follow.

With grace,


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